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There is no better antidote to feeling cooped up than spending time outside, regardless of what “outside” looks like for you. For some of the more adventure-inclined, the outside looks like vast mountain ranges and days-long hikes. For others, that might look like going to the beach or just going for a long and leisurely drive with no particular destination in mind.

Thanks to previous outdoor adventurers and an industry of technological innovation, actually staying outside has gotten a whole lot more comfortable. You can stay in tents fit for one, two, or a whole family. You can grab tents that latch onto your car or onto a tree or pop up tall enough to stand in. You can get a tent that’s a great and affordable option for the occasional one-night outdoor camping adventure or you can invest in something that’s virtually indestructible.

Here, we rounded up some of the best outdoor tents that do some if not all of these things. There are a lot of good tents. But the best one depends on what you need it for and what you’re prioritizing. Maybe that’s something that can take wind and rain or something that feels roomy. Perhaps it’s a quick-setup one that won’t cause a family breakdown in the process of trying to set it up. Whatever you’re in the market for, there’s a tent out there to mach. Start your search here.

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A-Frame Tent

This simple, A-frame, three-season tent fits three people comfortably. It has the simplicity one might desire on a trek out into the wilderness. Its simple shape is familiar and easy to set up. The aluminum frame is durable and the two doors are made with insect-resistant mesh.

Two-Person Tent

Poler’s two-person tent has a wider set up, which makes for something a little roomier than your basic A frame tent. Of course, this also means that it requires a little more dedication to the set up. Pop it up with the lightweight aluminum poles, breathable canopy, and ripstop flooring.

Cross Canyon 2 Tent

Klymit’s two-person tent is a great option for those traveling by car and need something that’s moveable. This tent rolls up into a duffle bag-sized cylinder for easy transportation, and it rolls back out into its full set-up in minimal time. It reaches a comfortable 46 inches high and the floor is made with a water-resistant coating.

Camping Tent

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Coleman’s camping tent is beloved for its instant set up, which is convenient both in terms of saving you time and energy. Folded up, it’s a little bigger than other tents might be but that one-minute set-up time makes up the difference. Some Amazon reviewers have said that it tends to leak water through, so save it for trips that are more likely to stay dry.

Backpacking Bundle

The huge, luxurious tents are great for if you’re getting in your car to get to a campsite and less great for if you are backpacking your way there. For the solo traveler, something smaller and more lightweight is the name of the game, like REI’s own backpacking bundle. The smaller-sized tent can fit two people and comes with sleeping bags and pads, all of which together weighs 9 lbs. 7 oz. Taller folks can also opt for a longer size.

Copper Canyon LX 6-Person Tent

This is a big tent for some spacious sleeping and hanging out, great for bigger groups or for using for longer periods of time. You can fit up to six people in it comfortably. Get some ventilation through those big mesh windows without letting in any rain or critters. There’s some extra coverage over the door, too, to protect rain from getting into the tent as you do.

Stoic’s bell tent is another great option for housing big groups, fitting up to six people. It’s a roomy teepee-style with a support pole down the center and some vertical space coming off the ground. The whole thing offers 182 square feet of space, making it basically a small home in the great outdoors.

Kids Glow in the Dark Tent

Having an adventurous family might mean always having a bunch of camping gadgets on hand, and that includes something for the smaller adventurers. This glow-in-the-dark tent is a simple three-pole set up and can keep a kid occupied for hours with its print of glowy constellations. It’s waterproof, too.

Mantis Ultralight All-in-One Hammock Tent

Ever wish that a hammock sleep was actually as restorative as it feels like it should be? You know, without bugs and drizzle getting in the way? This is your solution. It’s a hammock but with its own built-in mesh canopy for coverage and ripstop nylon for body support. It weighs around 2 pounds to carry, making it a much lighter option than the big tents.

G6 6-Sided Screen Gazebo

On the other end of the spectrum, this is straight up a gazebo. It’s great for tall people and for anyone who doesn’t like feeling like the roof is coming down on them. The floor area is 92 square feet and the height of the tent reaches 86 inches high. You can fit eight people in it and essentially have a full house party in the middle of the woods or wherever you might be.

Bastion Tent
The North Face

The North Face’s Bastion tent is made for camping experts who need something that can withstand tough conditions for longer periods of time. It’s made with super strong DAC poles and stakes, topped with a taped, cut-in nylon bucket floor. It will keep you dry, warm and safe.

Portable Beach Tent
Fatboy X Miasun

For those whose idea of sleeping under a tent means a patch of sand on the beach, this is for you. It’ll give you more stable coverage than your standard beach umbrella but is still easy enough to put up—just aluminum poles and a cotton cover that fold up into a 2.5 pound package.

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