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Camp Yoshi Demystifies the Outdoors for People of Color – GearJunkie

Inner-city people of color explore the outdoors — and their identity — in a new mini-doc about nonprofit Camp Yoshi.

The outdoor industry hasn’t always been inclusive for Black and brown Americans. Quite the contrary. Yet in recent years, new opportunities have started to emerge that reconnect people of color with experiences in nature.

This time, the spotlight is on Camp Yoshi , which organizes camping trips for BIPOC hikers.

“We all live in these hyper-urban environments where you’re dealing with all the angst and ills of the world, ” group co-founder Rashad Frazier says in the video. “Camp Yoshi helps to demystify the outdoors for Black and brown folks. ”

Learn how you can support Camp Yoshi on the group’s website .

Runtime: 3. 5 minutes

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