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What clothes to pack

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Packing for camping is not like packing for any other trip. You need to be protected from the elements, which may be drastically different from day to night. Even in the summer, the desert and mountains can be blistering hot during the day but down in the 30s and 40s at night.

That means you need to focus on practical gear. It’s even smart to overpack (assuming you’re not backpacking) in order to bring just-in-case items like a rain jacket or thermal layers .  

You want breathable, sweat-wicking clothes for the day (i. e. no cotton, which gets wet and stays wet), including a sun shirt and hat to protect your arms or face.

Whether you want to hike or lounge in shorts , leggings , or hiking pants for men or even women is up to both you and the terrain you’ll be adventuring on. No matter what season you plan to camp, it’s smart to pack a warm base layer and a lightweight fleece for unexpectedly cold or windy days — they double as pajamas on crisp evenings, too, especially if your sleeping bag isn’t as warm as you need.

Always pack a wool beanie and warm socks as these are invaluable on chilly nights. Also helpful are sturdy sandals to wear around camp which help give your feet a break from hiking boots . And don’t forget the SPF .

This base layer is extra soft and moisture-wicking. Not to mention the HeiQ Fresh durable odor control comes in very handy after a long, sweaty day.

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This moisture-wicking tee is breathable to keep you cool, dry plus comfortable.

These men’s hiking boots are comfortable from your outset and will hold up for thousands of miles hiking in all conditions.

These women’s hiking boots are usually comfortable out of the box, breathable, and waterproof.

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A good pair of trail pants like these should be water-resistant, sweat-wicking, come with UPF protection from harmful UV rays, have some stretch to them for comfort, and have a zip pocket or two.

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This particular ultrasoft layer is ideal in order to throw on over a t-shirt. It has a little bit of stretch, is anti-pill, and has zippered pockets to store a phone or even other important items securely.

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Lightweight, sweat-wicking, four-way stretch fabric, and zippered pockets — these lululemon athletic pants deliver on all fronts.

These trekking shorts are made from durable, water-resistant stretch fabric, have a comfortable high-rise fit, and are cute enough to feature upon IG.

The Patagonia Torrentshell Packable Rain Jacket can keep you dry in serious rainstorms, but it can also fit into a briefcase, backpack, or glove compartment.

Keep your feet happy and dry with these moisture-wicking wool socks, which have cushy bottoms for a long hike plus elastic for comfort around the campfire.

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This classic hat will keep your head warm with enough extend to fit all sizes.

These trail-ready Teva’s balance comfort with durability for the ultimate combo.

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A hip pack is incredibly convenient to stash medium essentials like chapstick and dog waste bags when you’re at camp or on a hike. This one from Patagonia is lightweight, waterproof, made from ripstop nylon, and has three zippered compartments including one big enough to fit a large iPhone.

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