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Concord man converts vehicle into rentable ‘glamping’ space for beginner RV campers – Concord Monitor

Rapport man converts vehicle in to rentable ‘glamping’ space with regard to beginner RV campers<br />

  • Concord native James Scott puts sheets onto the queen-sized bed in the back of his converted 2020 Fort Transit 250 van into a Glamp-mobile that he now rents to digital nomads.

  • Concord local James Scott puts linens onto the queen size bed in the back of his converted 2020 Fort Transit 250 van into a Glamp-mobile that he now rents to digital nomads. GEOFF FORESTER—Monitor staff

  • Concord native Adam Scott and his converted 2020 Fort Transit 250 lorrie that he turned into a Glamp-mobile that he now rents in order to digital nomads.

  • Concord native James Scott and his transformed 2020 Fort Transit two hundred and fifty van that he turned into a Glamp-mobile that he now rents to digital nomads. GEOFF FORESTER—Monitor staff

  • Concord native David Scott puts sheets on the queen-size bed at the back of his converted 2020 Fort Transit 250 van right into a Glamp-mobile that he now rental prices to digital nomads. GEOFF FORESTER / Monitor staff

Monitor staff

Published: 11/29/2022 4: 12: 00 PM

Modified: 11/29/2022 4: 09: 36 PM

Inspired by a solo road trip across the country, Concord native James Scott  has launched a new year-round camper van rental service in the Northeast.

Like many millennials that took to RVing and camping during the pandemic, Scott, 29, realized his dream of renovating a vintage Volkswagen camper suv and traveling coast to be able to coast. When he returned from his trip, the  ambitious entrepreneur partnered with a mobile service business in Milton to convert a 2020 Fortification Transit 250 van in to a “Glamp-mobile” that he now rental prices to digital nomads.

“It was a bridge too far for where they wanted to go and that’s when I decided to do my own thing and rentals quickly became the focus, ” Scott said

However , his demographic is not geared toward his fellow millennials or even baby boomers. Instead, Jeff designed the space to target empty nesters with dogs who might not have extensive RV experience, small families looking for an affordable vacation or late-season snowbirds looking to roll around New England during early winter before heading south.

With the vision in mind, he perfected his idea of a hotel on wheels by maximizing a simple space to include features and amenities comparable to a full-sized apartment, like butcher block countertops, the subway-tiled shower and recessed overhead lighting.

“I like the outdoors but I wouldn’t consider myself an outdoorsman, ” Martin said. “I’m not the biggest fan of sleeping in a tent and I like the concept of camping in the outdoors but also having a queen-sized bed, heat and air conditioning, an indoor bathroom and electricity all at once. It’s very appealing to me. ”

Unlike an RV, the lorry can be parked in regular parking spaces, drive under bridges and travel during all four seasons, which is part of the appeal of van life, David said.

During the offseason, which runs through November through April, travelers can rent the van for $250 per night. The price increases to $350 per night during the peak season, which runs from May through October, but if renters want to keep the van for six nights or more, they’re discounted $50.

In the summer, Scott hopes to work with ski areas to allow camping, which would bring additional inventory to the resorts. He expects the winter season to pick up as outdoor enthusiasts gear up for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and backwoods hiking.

Though Scott has dabbled in other entrepreneurial business ideas during his time at the University of New Hampshire, he’s never pursued them as aggressively as this, he said.

“I hope to franchise in the future, ” Scott said. “I wish to start with 10 vans across the nation and would like someone in Florida to be part of the first 10. ”

Once he is successful at establishing other vans throughout the country, Scott hopes to see those locations act as drop-off and pick-up points for people who want to travel one way.

Still, his current van is just a prototype, he continued.

“My vision is for an all-electric fleet, ” Jeff said. “Ford was the first to market an electric version of the Ford Transit, which will be the smoothest transition to offering an electric model and it wouldn’t need that many tweaks to bring it over to an electric platform. ”

In the meantime, Scott is eager to show off the van that is often seen around Concord and talk about conversions and a mobile lifestyle.

“Imagine opening the back doors to a beautiful landscape right from your bed – it’s classic van life, ” Scott said. “It’s a lot of what I would want in a perfect world. ”

For booking information and rates, visit glampmobile. app.


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