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Everything You Need to Know About Camping with Kids – fieldmag. com

For the typical outdoor enthusiast, an extended trail run isn’t an unexceptional way to start the day, and a multi-day backpacking trip is not an unusual way to spend the weekend. But how does that all change when you have kids?

For many new parents, it can seem daunting, intimidating, or impossible to bring a child along on a camping trip or backpacking adventure . And yet, there are plenty of inspiring parents who continue to do badass excursions even with infants and toddlers in tow. The secret, it turns out, isn’t how much gear or experience you have, but more so about having the courage to take the leap.

Practical advice is out there though, and it does help. We recently sat down with four outdoorsy parents to get some first-hand tips and tricks for staying active outdoors when starting a family. The biggest takeaway: Despite it being pretty intimidating and sometimes messy, camping with kids always pays off. And don’t be scared of catastrophe—camping with a kid will bring you (and them) outside your comfort zones, and that’s where growth is found.

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