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As a TAXA Camp Team member, you’ll travel all summer long in one of the company’s ‘mobile human habitats’ — and get paid a generous stipend to do it.

Do you have brand ambassador steez? (Or can you fake it ’til you make it?) If so, and you’re dirtbag-curious, this job posting from TAXA Outdoors ought to pique your interest.

Basically, the job is to tow one of the company’s campers with one of its cars (full of gas the brand will pay for) all over the United States to show it to people.

Along the way, you’ll stop at an array of outdoor events, festivals, rallies, and “activations,” which sound particularly stimulating for reasons we’re not quite sure about.

TAXA calls the full summer-long itinerary a “roadshow.”

Job Overview and TAXA Background

Your job will include camping and traveling with the TAXA Camp Team, “representing and living the TAXA lifestyle,” and giving tours of the habitats at scheduled stops. You’ll also play travel agent, ad hoc customer consultant, and content creator.

What’s the “TAXA lifestyle”? Shooting from the hip, we’d say it’s a branded synonym for “the rad life.” The Houston, Texas, company says it designs its rigs tougher than conventional RVs and campers to help its customers go deeper into the unknown.

Founded in 2014, it still builds its products in its founding city, using “durable, premium, eco-friendly, high-performance materials.”

It says it targets a diverse demographic of adventurous nature-lovers who “require more than a tent.”

TAXA Job Requirements

Here are the primary job responsibilities, in the order TAXA lists them:

  • Towing a TAXA habitat
  • Setting up the habitats at camp roadshow stops along the route
  • Facilitating tours to the press and the public
  • Management of tour schedules for each location
  • Content creation of road trips/roadshow stops
  • On-the-ground coverage for TAXA social media channels (photos, videos, and posts coordinated with the social team)

Job requirements include a friendly attitude, the ability to work under pressure, and the aptitude to memorize and recite facts (or, as they say in sales, “word tracks”). You don’t need professional equipment for the content creation side, and TAXA only specifies basic computer skills.

Sure, you might have to tell stories about your “significant customer service experience” or your “safe driving record,” but how can you lose? You’ll even get paid — $8,000 for the 3-month roadshow. Benefits include a stipend for meals and incidentals, plus fuel and paid campsite fees.

How to Apply

Oh, one more thing — you’ll need to be available for the whole roadshow, which is from May 15 to Aug. 15. Couples and families are also welcome to apply (if you were wondering). Check out the posting and apply on LinkedIn. More than 100 folks have already applied.

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