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Join the camping mania in beautiful Huating Town – SHINE

Take advantage of the current camping mania and enjoy a natural spa!

Here is a guide to camping in the beautiful Huating Town.

Join the camping mania in beautiful Huating Town

Yunong Manor

Yunong Manor is a planting base, spanning Maoqiao Village in Jiading District and Liunan Village within Liuhe, Jiangsu Province. It integrates fruit production and sales, livestock and poultry breeding, farm catering, boutique homestay, sightseeing, leisure plus entertainment, fruit and vegetable picking.

Visitors can experience various local cuisine, fishing and picking, and leisure tea break here.

The manor has also launched sophisticated camping services, providing tents, curtains, lights, tables and chairs, and other supporting equipment, as well as customized services to cater to the demands of families and team building activities.

For those who bring their own tents, the big lawn in Maoqiao Village is an ideal place to set them up.

Tel: 18694419939 (WeChat)
Address: 155 Shuangzhu Highway
Parking fee: Free

Join the camping mania in beautiful Huating Town


Hengjiazhuang, which covers more than 20 hectares, is an agricultural production base with Shanghai characteristics. With main business covering tent camping, picnic barbecue and sports-themed group building, it creates a distinctive pastoral atmosphere through highly customized activity arrangements and ubiquitous “small and beautiful” scenery decoration.

Highlights of the farm mainly include birthday parties and children’s outdoor education camps.

Other programs include canoeing, paintballing, water play, fireworks show, outdoor movie, bubble show and carnival amusement park.

Tel: 18901909199 (WeChat)
Tackle: 788 Xuxing Road
Parking fee: Free

Join the camping mania in beautiful Huating Town

Fun Play Camp

Fun Play Camp is in Liudao, about 10 kilometers away from North Jiading Metro Station.

The camp is on an island surrounded by a river on three sides. The particular vegetation is rich plus diverse, the air is fresh, with negative oxygen ions maintained at a high level all year round.

A yard of 8, 000 square meters can be used for camping out, large-scale team-building activities, corporate family day events, outside movies, bonfire parties and various ball games.

Facilities for various outward bound activities as well as recreational games such as paintballing can be found in the forest, which spreads across over one hectare with camphor, ginkgo and pine trees.

Driving an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) to shuttle through jungle and climb over obstacles will bring an invigorating experience.

As the northernmost campsite in Jiading, Fun Play also provides camping equipment leasing and barbecue self-service.

Tel: 18621534506 (WeChat)
Address: 126 Shuangliu Road
Parking fee: Free

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