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Outdoor Adventure cooks up camping favorites –

On April 14, the ETSU Outdoor Adventure hosted the “Backcountry Cooking Clinic.”

The event took place at the Center for Physical Activity and helped students learn how to cook meals meant for the “backcountry,” rather than being forced to rely on to eating granola bars or oatmeal during their next environmental excursion. The dishes they were taught to make are ideal for camping trips, outdoor events or something as simple as an afternoon hike.

“The clinic was an opportunity for students to learn how to start and use a camping stove, design a camping meal, cook the meal and get to enjoy it!” said Eric Payne, the assistant director of ETSU’s Outdoor Adventure.

Payne explained that the students used MSR Whisperlite Stoves to cook their treats for the trails. The Whisperlite Stove is a backpacking stove named for being “as light as a whisper” and is known for being able to perform alongside a wide range of compatible fuels in any climate or environment. They prepared a hearty bean, rice and sausage bowl, as well as chocolate chip pancakes for dessert.

To learn more about ETSU Outdoor Adventure and future events that they will hold, visit or follow the team on Instagram at @etsucampusrec.

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