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Vermont’s outdoor recreation leads economic recovery across all communities – Vermont Biz

VOBA Fourth Annual Meeting, full Board, Photo credit: Katie Palatucci

Vermont Business Magazine As Vermonters receive the first snowflakes of the season, new national and state data shows that Vermont continues to lead the nation in outdoor recreation as a key linchpin of the State’s economy.

On November 9th, the U. S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) Outdoor Recreation Satellite Account (ORSA) released  data   on the financial impact of outdoor recreation in 2021. As the condition continues to recover from the pandemic, the report shows that spending in Vermont generated by activities from snow sports to camping, hiking, boating, and biking continues to increase exponentially.

Nationally, outdoor recreation accounted for  $862  billion in consumer spending and $1. 53 billion in Vermont’s investing. The contribution of Vermont’s outdoor recreation to the state gross domestic product (GDP)  jumped from 3. 7% in 2020 to 4. 1% in 2021, maintaining Vermont’s rank of 3 rd   highest in the country behind HI and MT.

Skiing, snowboarding and other snow activities led to spending in Vermont of $215 million in 2021, which is up from $191 million in 2020. Conventional activities (defined by BEA as traditional outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, boating, and hunting) also grew to $593  million  in 2021, from $505  million  in 2020.

“The numbers showing retail trade growing to $310 million within 2021, from $268 mil in 2020, along with increases in manufacturing, validates what Vermont’s outdoor retailers and brands have been experiencing throughout the seasons. As businesses did better, they hired more workers, as the data shows Vermont’s outdoor workforce increased by 17. 6% in 2021, giving Vermont the largest increase in the New England region, ” said,   Mike Schmidt, Vice Chair of VOBA and Co-Principal associated with Velocity Sales & Marketing.

“For the second year in a row Vermont saw well over 1 million visitors at state-owned parks and record-breaking participation inside outdoor recreation activities. Participation numbers reaffirm the state’s recent historic investments in outdoor recreation, which include over $25 million directed simply by Governor Scott to fund outside recreation. ” said  Michael Snyder, Chair of  Vermont Outdoor Recreation Economic Collaborative   (VOREC) and Commissioner of Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation.

Michelle Ramirez, Marketing Manager of Bolton Valley Ski Resort, said,   “These metrics follow trends we’ve seen on the slopes at Bolton Valley. Acknowledging the barriers of those who have been historically excluded from outdoor recreation is the foundation for our inclusivity efforts, which has led us to partner with local BIPOC groups and to reduce costs to gear and lift access. Making safe spaces for underrepresented communities is pivotal to Bolton. ”

On November 10, one hundred Vermont outdoor businesses gathered at HULA within Burlington for VOBA’s Fourth Annual Outdoor Economy Sessions, validating the wide-ranging impact of the BEA data through representation by the highly diversified sector across the state. Outdoor industry leaders in manufacturing, retail, resorts, media plus marketing, and education envisioned a future for outdoor entertainment by engaging in strategic discussions about  business development, workforce, and marketing as well as approaches to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion and recreation infrastructure.      

“This week’s report and event indicate Vermont’s future is full of opportunities for outdoor places, people, products and professions. A strong outdoor sector helps our urban and rural communities flourish and work towards equitable access to healthy landscapes and recreational communities across the Green Mountains, ” said Kelly Ault, Executive Director of VOBA.

“Growth inside participation includes those new to the outdoors and from in the past underrepresented populations. Communities across Vermont are identifying new and better ways to provide outdoor recreation experiences that support tourism, incentivize stewardship of outdoor resources, and provide residents with better overall health and wellness, ” said Jackie Dagger, Director of VOREC.


The  Vermont Outdoor Business Alliance   (VOBA) is a nonprofit business organization that networks, educates, collaborates, and provides support to businesses, organizations, plus individuals working to strengthen, expand, attract, and retain outside recreation economy businesses in Vermont.

VOBA’s mission is to educate Vermonters about outdoor recreation and to educate Vermont outdoor recreation businesses about business development initiatives, outdoor recreation economy policy and justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. VOBA’s priority areas for 2022 include financing, workforce advancement, infrastructure, and sector branding.


The  Vermont Outside Recreation Economic Collaborative   (VOREC) Is a network of public/private partners organized by the state to sustain, grow and drive growth in Vermont’s outdoor entertainment sector by leveraging natural outdoor recreation assets, brand and culture.          

VOREC’s five organizing principles are to grow outdoor recreation-related businesses; increase participation in outdoor recreation activities among all demographics; strengthen the quality and extent associated with outdoor recreation resources; increase stewardship of outdoor recreation resources and environmental quality; and promote and enjoy the health and wellness benefits of outside recreation.

Montpelier, VT (November 14, 2022)  — VOBA

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