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What Are Budgeting Loans?

Budgeting loans

Budgeting loans from the Social Fund are interest-free loans designed to assist those on benefits purchase essential items like furniture, clothes or home improvements. Repayable over two years, these loans help make purchases essential for everyday living.

Apply for a Budgeting loan online or by post. Additionally, you can receive your decision via text or email.

True cost of borrowing

When considering borrowing money, it’s essential to comprehend the full cost of debt. This figure includes both monetary and nonmonetary fees associated with the loan.

The amount borrowed will determine the true cost of debt and how long it takes to pay off. It may be more cost-effective to take out a smaller loan with lower monthly repayments, as this will reduce overall interest payments over time.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get an accurate idea of the true cost of borrowing. That is why it is essential to ask about any extra fees or charges included in your loan; this will give you more insight into what you are actually paying for.

Cashfloat understands that there are various monetary and nonmonetary costs that can add up to an unexpectedly high loan cost. As a responsible payday lender, we’re available to discuss some of these key elements that affect true cost of borrowing money, as well as strategies on how to minimize it in the long run.


When taking out a budgeting loan, it is essential to understand the annual percentage rate (APR). Doing so will enable you to make an informed decision.

APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is the interest rate lenders charge borrowers for loans, credit cards and other forms of credit. It provides you with a more accurate picture of the true cost of a credit option, including fees and interests.

However, an APR does not take into account compound interest – which is the compound growth of a loan over time. This can cause your APR to change depending on changes to the market or your credit score.

Loan APRs are calculated differently for different loan types, such as credit cards and installment loans. Personal loans, for instance, factor in other costs like origination and late payment fees when calculating their APRs.

Monthly repayments

Budgeting loans are an effective solution to help you pay off debt quickly. They’re interest-free and repayments are automatically deducted from your benefits; depending on the size of the loan, you should be able to repay it within two years, depending on its amount.

Knowing how much you must set aside each month is the key to staying on top of your payments and keeping them as low as possible. This is especially relevant if you have multiple loans to manage and repay.

The monthly repayments for a budgeting loan depend on the size, interest rate and repayment period. To calculate your payment amount, multiply principal by interest rate then divide by 12. Planning ahead and staying organized are key components to staying on top of payments.