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Why Fall Is the Best Camping Time of Year? – UrbanMatter

If it’s summer and you’re dreaming about going camping but haven’t planned the date to go or booked a campsite, don’t hurry. Because the best time for camping is to come next, it’s in autumn. The air becomes cooler but it’s not that cold yet, and there are less of bugs. Nature gets even more beautiful with leaves associated with light yellow to dark red colors and the smell in the air is amazingly fresh.

There are even more reasons to go camping specifically at this time of year. In this article, we tried to disclose the main ones which won’t let you sit down on your couch anymore.

Reasons to enjoy camping in autumn

Though it’s cool to go camping in summer, it has some annoying factors such as, instance, omnipresent bugs. In fall months, your camping is free from that condition, but in addition to it, there is a list of other advantages that make camping in the fall the best possible leisure.

Atmospheric condition

The weather in September and October is beautiful: no more hotness in the air, no massive rains. The air is cooler but not too much, and afternoons are still warm and sunny enough. However , mornings are already colder, and when drinking coffee or tea the steam goes up from the cup. But this adds charm to mornings, and hot beverages can seem even tastier. Still, due to the overall cooler weather conditions, it might be reasonable to buy a warmer tent, such as, an outdoor tent for winter .

Beautiful landscapes

The fall is an especially picturesque time when every tree seems to be a piece of art. It becomes extremely beautiful almost at any place in this season, so it’s obvious that if you go camping in the drop, you will have a really beautiful time. The best states for watching the splendid wealth of beauty in this season are:




          North Carolina

          New Mexico

When you’re choosing the place to stay, you should also take care of the comfortability of the camping tent you will sleep in. For instance, consider backpacking tents you can stand up in .

Almost no bugs

In this gorgeous time bugs become absolutely unnecessary, and they cannot feel well anymore due to cooler weather. This makes camping out comfier compared to summer conditions: no mosquitos haunting you all day through and especially at night. However , always keep an anti-bug spray in your bag as some mosquitos may still survive.

Quality night sleep

It’s quite difficult to imagine good night’s sleep in a tent in summer: hot, sometimes condensed air in the tent will never allow you to get asleep as you will be lacking air. Another issue with sleeping in a tent in summer is bugs that can be noisy and can even bite you. As you understand, these two problems are usually addressed in the fall –no annoying bugs around and your tent becomes more comfortable to breathe in due to the cooler air in autumn. The Benefits of Getting a Full Night’s Sleep | SCL Health – from this article you will learn more about the many benefits of a quality night’s sleep.

Wider choice of activities

It can sound weird but in summer campers have less activities on their minds than in autumn. Gathering campfire, roasting mushrooms, plus vegetables, fishing, reading – that’s pretty much it that you can do aside from swimming in the lake. But the fall brings more activities to the habitual campers’ menu:

          Gathering apples

          Gathering and cutting pumpkins

          Carrying out harvest festivals like Oktoberfest

          Celebrating Halloween

Less crowdy campgrounds

In the fall, campgrounds are associated with fewer people due to the start of the school year as well as due to the ending of vacations and returning to their work. Thus, you can enjoy nature with your beloved one in the a lot more intimate nature space. You can get more information about the effect of others from this article – Middle Ground: The Effect of Others | Exploratorium .

More affordable rates

In autumn, the peak season for camping is left behind, so that you can have the lowest rates. And this doubles the pleasure of outdoor camping In the fall: you get the most beautiful landscapes, less crowdy campgrounds, a good night’s sleep with no bugs, and optimal weather for a considerably lower price!

Tips for comfortable autumn camping

Though the season will be splendid, full of kaleidoscopic beauty and its atmospheric conditions are even more comfortable for camping out than summer ones, the season has certain specifics that need to be considered. To make your autumn camping comfortable, take advantage of these little tips:

Choose a sunny campsite

The weather in the fall can be chilly and windy quite often, thus it’s better to choose a campsite under the sun.

Pack the right clothes

The weather in autumn is quite changeable, but it mostly becomes cooler. Still, the sun can also show from time to time and heat the air. Thus, the most clever way to pack for camping out in autumn is to take various clothes for all kinds of weather. No matter what the weather is on the day you pack for camping if it’s fall have all kinds of weather in mind.

Take a Thermo cup

In autumn fresh mornings or chilly evenings, a cup of very hot tea or wine may greatly help you to cheer yourself up and keep fit. Compact thermo cups keep a beverage’s hot temperature and are comfy to carry and use.


Autumn is definitely the best season to visit camping because it allows experiencing camping without its harsh downsides: the inability to normally sleep at night and omnipresent insects. Camping in summer time has even more disadvantages, and the autumn season allows addressing almost all the discomforts that summer camping is about.

The fall is also the most beautiful time of year in terms of the colors of nature it discloses and the comfiest as for the air temperatures. Therefore, your camping in the fall will most likely be the most comfortable as well as the least stressful. So , pack up either light or thick clothes from your wardrobe for autumn’s changeable weather, get one or a couple of thermo cups to enjoy your favorite hot beverages, and go viewing the particular charming autumn landscapes plus catching the last sun in your autumn camping trip.

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